Users can manage basic folders like [Private Folders],[Inbox],[Sent],[Trash],[Draft],[Spam] and [Public Folders].Users can check current folder size, total number of messages and other information.You can empty or delete folders,as well as creat a new folder.

Note:If the quota of your mailbox is unlimited(size="0"),the [Quota Limit] will not display picture.

Create new folder

Enter a name of the folder,then click the [Create new folder] button to create a new folder.

The new floders will be listed in [Private Folders].

Delete Folder

Click the button to delete the currently selected folder.Note:You can delete the folder you created.

Empty Folder

Click the button to empty the currently selected folder.All messages of the selected folder will be moved into the [Trash].Empty [Trash] means remove all messages of the trash from mail server.

Check Folders

Folders info are displayed at the upper left corner, showing how many mail new mails received and total number of mails. Users can also check capacity of the mailbox and how much has been used off. For example:the [Inbox] folder info